Texas Private Security Officer Level 3 (Armed/Commissioned)

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Starting from January 1, 2024, H.B. 3424 mandates that the handgun qualification and self-defense tactics course must include at least 10 hours and not more than 15 hours of in-person instruction with an on-site instructor approved by the department. Apart from this online training module, students must fulfill their firearms qualification and defensive tactics training by personally engaging with an instructor. You will need to register for the in-person class after completion of this online course. The link to register for in person training is below.

Step into the realm of professional security with our Texas Private Security Officer Level 3 Course, meticulously designed to equip individuals with the fundamental skills required for Level 3 certification. This comprehensive online training program offers a solid foundation in security operations and compliance with Texas regulations.

Dive into an engaging curriculum that covers essential topics such as access control, communication strategies, and emergency response. Our expert instructors guide you through the nuances of surveillance, report writing, and customer service, preparing you for the diverse responsibilities of a Level 3 Security Officer.

The online platform provides a flexible learning experience, allowing you to progress at your own pace while ensuring the depth and relevance of the content. Interactive modules, real-world scenarios, and practical exercises enhance your understanding and application of security principles.

Upon successful completion of the Texas Private Security Officer Level 3 Course, you’ll be well-prepared to embark on a career in private security. Join us in this journey to develop proficiency in security operations and contribute to a safer environment. Enroll today to take the next step in your security career.”

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