Know Thyself

Before dealing with the public, begin by examining yourself. Appearance Your presence alone has the ability to alter behavior. Keep your uniform clean and pressed. Assure that you are well groomed, clean, with hair and nails trimmed. You should be somewhat physically fit. Have good posture.


How you carry yourself with confidence, anger or fear, these things can be detected by others. Your voice should be clear and calm, with appropriate language. Train yourself to deflect (ignore) rude comments. By maintaining a professional demeanor you are more likely to resolve the problem.


All of us have certain expressions or phrases that serve to “trigger” us to react with anger, humiliation, prejudice, etc. This can be as simple as “You can’t make me!” Recognize your triggers. Write them down. When confronted with one of these verbal assaults- recognize it and do not react. By reacting you will escalate the problem and allow your personal self to take over the situation.