L3 – 5.8 Post-Incident


Over the next day or two, (even if the incident was not particularly notable) think about what occurred. Ask yourself, “What did I do well?” and “What could I have done better?” If possible, meet with your supervisor and with co-workers who were also at the scene to review how the incident was handled. Don’t be overly critical of your actions, but be honest with yourself and other. The only way you can improve your performance in the future is to recognize the things that could have been handled better.

Long after law enforcement has left the scene, your duties are not finished. In the days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years that follow, you should be especially alert for any further suspicious activity. Due to your role, you likely know the area better than most people. It is not uncommon for criminals to return to the sites of their crimes to satisfy their own curiosity or to check on the progress of the investigation. It is also possible that initial investigators could have overlooked some piece of evidence that may not have seemed important at the time. Report all suspicious activity or newly discovered evidence promptly to investigators. Even the smallest detail could prove the key to cracking a case.