L3 – 9.3 ABC’s of Defensive Tactics

ABC’s of Defensive Tactics

Awareness: Attenuation to the dangers present amid surroundings. Barrier: Hand and body positioning to counteract aggressive action. Counter: Application of technique to avoid harm or prevent aggression.

I       Awareness

A security officer should maintain constant vigilance in order to detect threatening situations and to avoid becoming a victim to aggressive acts. Observe body positioning, gestures, voice, tone, volume, and indications that physical altercation may be looming. Situational awareness can assist the security officer in responding appropriately to diffuse or avoid harmful actions.

II     Barrier

By recognizing natural barriers, a security officer may prevent aggression simply by positioning him or herself beyond reach from aggression or assault. Absent the presence of physical barriers, the security

officer should pay attention to balance, stance, and personal barriers (hands, arms) in order to deter a physical assault.

III   Counter

Should an attack be initiated against a security officer, reasonable tactics should be employed to overcome or offset the attack.