L3R – 11.6 Tracing C Baton Retention Technique

Tracing C Baton Retention Technique

A common technique an aggressor may use is grabbing for a security officer’s baton or, in some cases, even taking the baton and using it against the security officer.

Maintaining physical control of the baton is essential for the safety of the security officer and those around them. Aggressors will generally attempt to grab the baton where they can get the strongest hold.

Security officers must resist the instinct of getting into a tug-of-war match over the baton, which often proves to be ineffective.

Using the momentum of the aggressor to pull the riot baton away, the security officer simply steps into or closer to the aggressor with their support side foot. With the momentum created, the aggressor’s hold on the baton is lessened. The security officer then rapidly uses the tracing‑C technique to recover the baton.

To effectively employ the tracing-C technique:

  1. Push up on the baton.
  2. Pull the baton around in an upward swing as if tracing a C in the air from bottom to top with the long end.

Note: This movement seems to wrap the aggressor’s arms around themselves.

  1. Drive (immediately with a quick and forceful movement) the end of the baton straight down, as if slicing the C in half.

Once the security officer reaches the top of the C and the aggressor is tied up, it is impossible for the aggressor to maintain hold of the baton. Further actions such as a strike may or may not be necessary. Officers must be able to assess the situation and react accordingly.