L3R – 5.6 Secure Access to a Crime Scene

1.1                Secure Access to a Crime Scene I  Set Up Perimeters

Whenever possible, request additional personnel or barricades to further assist law enforcement while

the scene is processed. If enough personnel are available, encircle the scene and maintain an outer perimeter of approximately 25 feet or more.

Once the immediate crime scene has been secured, other areas of interest (surrounding corridors, walkways, likely entry points, etc.) should also be cordoned off to the extent possible until investigators arrive.

II      Maintain a Presence

Security officers should:

  • Follow the directions of law enforcement
  • Leave their post only when ordered to do so
  • Be highly visible

Until relieved by management, or excluded by law enforcement, the property owners that have contracted the security services generally expect those services to be carried out. Being highly visible alerts the public, including any other would-be offenders, that security is on site and ready to deter any future criminal acts. Always refer to company policy and procedure.

III     Written Logs

A written log of anyone who enters the scene perimeter should be kept up until the point law enforcement arrive and take over the scene. The log should include the person’s name, address, and telephone number and a brief description of when they entered and left the crime scene and what areas they may have disturbed. This log should include the names of people who originally discovered the crime, as well as any responding emergency personnel.

Advise anyone who may want to enter the crime scene that, by doing so, they may be subjecting themselves to requests from investigators to gather their fingerprints, hair samples, blood samples, clothing, shoes and other evidence.

IV     Media

Because of the nature of the scene and events that may have transpired, media may be present. Follow company policy regarding providing information or interviews to media personnel. If you are in doubt of the company policy regarding media communication, always default to saying nothing.