Professional Look and Conduct

The public perception of a security officer is not always kept as high as a police officer. To enhance this perception and enable command presence, a professional look and conduct is of the utmost importance. This includes a clean and pressed uniform, good personal hygiene and professional actions.



(a) A license holder, or an officer, director, partner, manager, or employee of a license holder, may not: (1) use a title, an insignia, or an identification card, wear a uniform, or make a statement with the intent to give an impression that the person is connected with the federal government, a state government, or a political subdivision of a state government; or (2) use a title, an insignia, or an identification card or wear a uniform containing the designation “police.”

(b) Subsection (a) does not prohibit a commissioned security officer employed by a political subdivision of this state from using a title, insignia, or identification card, wearing a uniform, or making a statement indicating the employment of that individual by the political subdivision.

RULE 35.39 Uniform Requirements

(a) Each commissioned security officer shall, at a minimum, display on the outermost garment the name of the company under whom the commissioned security officer is employed, the word “Security” and identification which contains the last name of the security officer.

(b) The name of the company and the word “Security” shall be of a size, style, shape, design, and type which is clearly visible by a reasonable person under normal conditions.

(c) Each noncommissioned security officer shall display in the outermost garment in style, shape design and type which is visible by a reasonable person under normal conditions identification which contains:

  1. either the name or board-approved logo of the company under whom the security officer is employed, or the name or the board-approved logo of the business entity with whom the employing company had contracted;
  2. the last name of the security officer; and
  3. the word “Security.”

(d) No licensee shall display a badge, shoulder patch, logo or any other identification which contains the words “Law Enforcement” and/or similar word(s) including, but not limited to: agent, enforcement agent, detective, task force, fugitive recovery agent or any other combination of names which gives the impression that the bearer is in any way connected with the federal government, state government or any political subdivision of a state government.

(e) A regular peace officer who maintains full-time employment, and meets the requirements of §1702.322 of the Act, may wear the uniform of the licensed security services contractor (guard company), private business letter of authority, or governmental letter of authority or the official police officer uniform of their appointing law enforcement agency while working private security in Texas.

No licensee shall have a badge, shield or insignia as part of any uniform, identification card or markings on a motor vehicle containing the Flag of the State of Texas, except those identification and license items that are prepared or issued by the board. No licensee shall use the Flag of the State of Texas to advertise or publicize a commercial undertaking. Because there should be no allusions of law enforcement, the security officer’s uniform cannot have the state seal or state flag.

A security Officer’s uniform should always be clean and neatly pressed.