Relations with Local Police

During an emergency, you may not interfere with peace officers who are on the scene of an incident at your company. Your role remains the protection of the clients or employer’s assets. Your job is made easier if you have a good working relationship with the local police; be respectful. A security officer may sometimes be directed by a police officer.

As any other citizen, you must obey thier commands. If a police officer asks you to leave your post, you CANNOT refuse.

Never play Cop

You don’t have the legal authority to do the same things a peace officer can do. Any security officer who pretends or even implies (Lets others think) that he/she is a peace officer may be committing an offense.

The Penal Code, in Section 37.11 makes it an offense to falsely identify oneself as a peace officer (public servant). A person who is found guilty of impersonating a peace officer would be punished by a fine or county jail sentence, or both.

A peace officer is defined in the Texas Penal Code as a person elected, employed or appointed as a peace officer under Article 2. 1 2 of the Code of Criminal Procedure

  • Common examples of this would be a Sheriff and their deputies, city police, state police (DPS), and constables.
  • Peace officers are also considered Public Servants in the Penal Code.
  • The Code of Criminal Procedure does not list a private security officer as a peace officer.